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The Foundation for Hope Village is a 501(c)(3) organization

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Stacy Elizabeth Carlton Endowment Fund

Stacy Carlton

"I know from personal experience how difficult is the decision to place a retarded child into a facility outside the home.  When we were struggling with that decision back in 1970, we had looked at a number of facilities, but could not bring ourselves to place Stacy in any of them. When we met Executive Director Claire Hollins and saw the obvious love and devotion she gave to the Villagers and the warm, home-like environment she created at Hope Village, it made our decision so much easier and we never regretted our choice."
~ Dr. C. Eugene Carlton, Jr.
Board Member
Past President

The Stacy Elizabeth Carlton Endowment Fund was established in 2001 in memory of Stacy Carlton, a 30-year Hope Village resident and the daughter of current Board of Directors’ member and past President C. Eugene Carlton, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Betty Carlton. The Fund’s income proceeds have become a permanent, dedicated resource to offset resident tuition for individuals without adequate private funds.

Historically, the Foundation for Hope Village has provided tuition support to individuals with limited resources ranging from several hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars per month over and above the Foundation’s base resident subsidy. As Hope Village has adjusted tuition rates to compensate for the increased cost of services, the need for a dedicated tuition resource has become more significant.

From the onset over 30 years ago, Hope Village was envisioned as a lifetime home for its residents. Many families have committed their time and resources to Hope Village knowing that the Foundation’s commitment to providing a lifetime home will assure a safe and loving place for the children after the parents’ death.

Resident tuition subsidies along with increased operating expenses are placing an unsustainable burden on the Foundation's Endowment, resulting in a diminishment of the Endowment’s principal as the Foundation continues to fund this critical obligation. The Stacy Carlton Fund provides a vehicle for friends of Hope Village to support this needed program and to ease the strain of this particular expense.

The Stacy Carlton Fund is designed to be a permanent dedicated fund providing tuition funding from endowment income (versus principal). The Foundation's initial objective was to achieve an endowment funding goal of $1,000,000 and to receive distributions from the interest after this goal was met. The Foundation’s long-range goal is to achieve a fund balance of $5,000,000. Your donations are the building blocks for this fund, that will provide care to those in need for generations to come.

Contributions to the Stacy Carlton Fund include private gifts, community donations and over $260,000 in proceeds from the First through Twelfth Annual Hope Village Charity Golf Tournaments!

To discuss donation opportunities or send a donation directly please contact us at:

The Foundation for Hope Village
15403 Hope Village Road
Friendswood, Texas 77546
Phone: 281.400.2011