Thanks to the generosity of donors at the Hope Village Fish Fry on March 4, Hope Village launched its chicken coop program on Friday, March 10. Friday‘s debut saw the arrival of 26 hens and a rooster.

The chicken coop will provide social and vocational opportunities for the Villagers. Excitingly, the chickens at Hope Village will also provide enough eggs to feed every Villager at Hope Village! With the rising cost of eggs, this will help offset the operational costs greatly.

The Villagers are thrilled to have their new feathered friends on campus. As the program continues to evolve, Villagers will be able to assist with collecting eggs and feeding the chickens treats. Their goal, as the chicken program expands, is eventually to sell eggs to the greater Friendswood and Bay Area communities.

For more updates about our feathered friends (including their ribbon cutting in the coming weeks), follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Melissa and Sara stand outside of the Hope Village chicken coop and smile. Melissa is holding a basket of eggs, and Sara is holding a tie-dye stuffed rabbit.
Brown chicken sits on the ledge of the Hope Village chicken coop.