A forever home and living learning community
for adults with intellectual disabilities.


Hope Village was founded by Bill and Lucille Williams in 1967 when they sought care for their daughter, Sally, who had been diagnosed as an infant with mental retardation. Dissatisfied with the few services available at that time, Mrs. Williams became the driving force behind the planning and building of Hope Village. She sought to create a place that would be a loving home for her daughter and others with similar disabilities. The first home was opened in 1970 with six residents.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams are no longer with us but for those whose lives have been touched by them through Hope Village, we are eternally grateful for their determination and commitment to make a better life with more opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Formal headshot of Bill Williams. Bill is wearing a black suit and is seated at a table. His hair is in a high and tight style and he is smiling at the camera.
Formal black-and-white headshot of Lucille Williams. She is wearing a dark dress with a white lace collar, and a strand of pearls rests over the collar. Her short hair is curled and styled. She is seated, and bookshelves and a fireplace are on display behind her
Photo collage of Sally, Lucille, and Bill Williams. Photo 1 has Sally, a young child with a pageboy haircut and matching floral outfit, smiling as she swings on a wooden swingset. Photo 2 is from the 1970s and has Lucille, Sally, and Bill smiling for the camera in front of a brick wall. Photo 3 has Bill and Lucille Williams in business casual clothes, standing in front of the Hope Village construction in the late 1960s.


Each of our five residences is independent, self-sufficient and has a caring staff that is dedicated to our Villagers 24 hours a day. Our staff cultivates the sense that our Villagers are a part of a family by assisting each of them in reaching his or her full potential while providing loving support. By working together, staff can help the Villagers set goals to gain independence and give guidance whenever and wherever needed while encouraging them to become responsible, contributing members of the Hope Village Family.

Our adult Villagers attend the Developmental Center each weekday and receive education and job training from the wonderful staff in the work activity center, ceramic shop, computer lab and Tea Room. The staff of the Developmental Center also coordinate many activities for the Villagers including birthday parties, bowling, outdoor games, swimming, movies, shopping and day trips.


Headshot of Sharon. Sharon is standing in front of one of the Hope Village residentail facilities. She is wearing a black and white patterned shirt, a black blazer, and glasses. Her red hair is draped behind her shoulders.

Sharon, Executive Director

Headshot of Roger. Roger is standing in front of a tree, with one of the Hope Village residential facilities in the background. He is wearing a white collared shirt and a black suit jacket.

Roger, Director of Operations

Headshot of Kristina. Kristina is wearing a pink sleeveless paisley dress, and her brown hair is draped over her right shoulder. The Hope Village courtyard is in the background.

Kristina, Registered Nurse

Headshot of Samra. Samra is wearing a black blouse with a purple blazer and a pearl necklace. Her long hair is draped across her shoulder, and she is smiling directly at the camera.

Samra, Director of Community Development

Headshot of Lunden. Lunden is wearing a green and white striped sweater and is smiling at the camera. He is standing between two trees on the Hope Vilalge property, and one of the residential facilities can be seen in the background.

Lunden, Director of Villager Development

Headshot of Brooke. Brooke is standing in front of the Hope Village gazebo. She is wearing a bright blue shirt, and her hair is swept into a low ponytail.

Brooke, Administrative Campus Lead


Headshot of Risa. Risa is standing in front of house 1, with a tree on the left side of her. She is wearing black scrubs and a black zip-up jacket. She is smiling at the camera, and her blonde shoulder-length hair rests on her shoulders.

Risa – House 1

Headshot of Norma, standing in front of house 2. She is wearing black scrubs with pink and white flowers, and her hair is swept into a ponytail.

Norma – House 2

Headshot of Sarah. Sarah is wearing pink scrubs and has her dark hair pulled into a ponytail. House 3 is visible in the background of the photo.

Sarah – House 3

Headshot of Debra, who is standing outside of House 4. She is wearing white scrubs patterned with pink and purple butterflies.

Debra – House 4

Headshot of Malinda, who is standing in front of House 5. She is wearing purple scrubs featuring Simba from The Lion King, and she is smiling.

Malinda – House 5


A testimony to private initiative, Hope Village has been built and maintained through donations from individuals, corporations and charitable foundations.

With a mission of providing affordable lifetime care to residents and respite care for mentally handicapped individuals and families from the community at large, Hope Village is heavily dependent upon annual contributions. The Foundation seeks to fund one-third of the $1,900,000 annual budget through donations.

Funding has been traditionally achieved through tuition and the income proceeds of a limited endowment. Hope Village has also received critical support from a dedicated group of businesses and individuals providing services, supplies and cash donations.

The average annual cost per resident at Hope Village is $34,800. Average annual tuition payments are $16,800 with the average subsidy from the Foundation being $18,000 per individual. Foundation funds come from endowment income and charitable giving received throughout the year.

There are many ways to support the Foundation for Hope Village and we welcome and need your time and commitment of resources.

The Foundation for Hope Village is a 501 (C) (3) Corporation and as such contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

To discuss donation opportunities or send a donation directly, please contact us at:

The Foundation for Hope Village
15403 Hope Village Road
Friendswood, Texas 77546
(281) 400-2011

EIN: 74-6087577


Executive Director
Sharon Proulx

Board of Directors President
William G. Neumann, Attorney at Law

Vice President
Kim Brizendine

Secretary and Treasurer
Lois Lenox

Board Members
Eva deCardenas
Maurice Estlinbaum
Ed Hartman
Rebecca Hillenburg, Ed.D.
Reagan Ratcliff, OD
Marilyn S. Sims, Attorney at Law
Stuart C. Skeeter
Jim Stewart
Larry Taylor, Texas State Senator District 11

Director Emeritus
C. Eugene Carlton, Jr. M.D.

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