If you have ever spent time at Hope Village, then you know how much the Villagers love a good party with new and old friends alike.   Some of their favorite memories on property include dance parties in the ballroom to their favorite country tunes, playing Bingo with their friends, and eating Mr. Roger’s famous hamburgers.

Enter Fun Fridays, a chance to treat each week as worthy of a celebration.

Villagers Sara and Melissa wear luau attire and pose in a decorative photo booth.

Fun Fridays were a Hope Village project born of necessity during the pandemic, when the Villagers could not interact with the outside community due to COVID-19 federal restrictions.   Each Friday, we would host an on-campus party for all of the Villagers with foods and activities unique to a Fun Friday party.  Thus a tradition was born, and as we open back up to the outside world, we are honoring this tradition in an exciting new way.

Now, Fun Fridays are an opportunity for businesses, community service organizations, and church groups to make friends with the Villagers while also offsetting a rising cost for Hope Village.  

There are three levels of giving for Fun Friday:

  • Bronze Fun Friday:  Bronze Fun Friday sponsors cover the financial costs associated with Hope Village staff providing Fun Friday in-house (example: decorations, supplies for homemade burgers, ice cream sandwiches, canned soft drinks, etc.).  This cost to host this party for our 65 residents is typically $250.  Bronze sponsors are thanked on social media platforms but do not attend the Fun Friday parties.
  • Silver Fun Friday (most popular!):  Silver Fun Friday sponsors provide the meal for Fun Friday by ordering pizzas, sandwich trays, boxed lunches, canned soft drinks, etc. for 65 people.  (Traditionally, Little Caesar’s pizzas are the go-to option for this!)  Silver Fun Friday sponsors are invited to help serve the meal to the Villagers, are introduced and thanked at the event, and get to participate in the Villagers’ after meal activities (example: dance party, carnival games, Bingo).   They are also recognized on all of Hope Village’s social media platforms.
  • Gold Fun Friday:  Gold Fun Friday sponsors cover the cost of an off-site Fun Friday event, such as renting lanes at a Bowling alley, gas to transport the Villagers to the event, and an on-site snack.  The cost may vary depending on the type of activity.  Gold Fun Friday Sponsors may participate in the activity with the Villagers and give a short speech.  They will also be recognized on all social media platforms, and photos of the event (with you listed as a sponsor) will be featured on the Hope Village website.

For more information about sponsoring a Fun Friday party, please contact our Director of Community Development by emailing: info@hope-village.com.

House Manager Tasha paints a rainbow on the face of Villager Sheridan. They are doing face painting in the Hope Village gazebo.
Villager Bill sits cross-legged on the ground, next to an outdoor bowling station.
Villagers Penny and Terry play an outdoor magnetic fishing game while sitting on a bench outside.